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LUTHER RUSSELL "Slective Memories: An Anthology" (HPR-029)

Formato/Format: 2-CD gatefold card sleeve. Limited edition 500 copies.
Fecha edición/Release date: 15 September 2017

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// Castellano //

** Repaso a lo largo de 41 canciones, 25 de las cuales son inéditas, entre las que se incluyen dos demos de The Bootheels, el grupo que tuvo con Jakob Dylan, la trayectoria musical de Luther Russell (The Freewheelers, Those Pretty Wrongs, ...).

** Doble CD, triple carpeta abierta, y libreto con anotaciones canción a canción de Luther, y textos de Bud Scoppa y Larry Crane, y fotos.

Luther Russell es un compositor, cantante, productor y multi-instrumentista natural de Los Angeles, California. Aunque su carrera discográfica comenzó con The Freewheelers hace veinticinco años, con dos discos para David Geffen Company y American Recordings. Como artista en solitario Luther ha publicado una serie de eclécticos discos que abarcan un amplio arco estilístico, desde el folk-rock al power-pop, la música instrumental e incluso el funk. Su último álbum publicado hasta la fecha, “The Invisible Audience”, es un kaleidoscópico doble disco que ilustra esa versatilidad. Como productor ha trabajado con multitud de grupos y artistas, nombres como Richmond Fontaine, Fernando, Sarabeth Tucek o Ned Roberts. Tanto sus discos como su trabajo como productor le han ganado el aprecio crítico de medios como Uncut, Mojo, Word, BBC, Tape Op, L.A. Times, NME, o The Quietus. Su música ha sonado en cadenas como NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO y Showtime. Junto a Jody Stephens, miembro de los legendarios Big Star, ha formado Those Pretty Wrongs, cuyo debut discográfico apareció en Ardent/Burger en 2016 y ha recibido el elogio unánime de la crítica. Juntas han recorrido Estados Unidos, Australia, España y en mayo girarán por el Reino Unido. El año pasado Luther coescribió dos canciones para el disco homónimo, y nominado a los premios Grammy, de Weezer.

Con un nuevo disco de estudio titulado "Medium Cool" en camino, Hanky Panky Records publica ahora el recopilatorio “Selective Memories: An Anthology” que repasa a lo largo de dos CD’s y 41 canciones (25 de las cuales son inéditas) esta impresionante trayectoria musical. El viaje arranca en 1988 con dos maquetas inéditas de The Bootheels, grupo que formó junto a Jakob Dylan cuando ambos contaban con 18 y 19 años, y termina más de 30 años después con "The Sound Of Rock & Roll", un avance de su próximo trabajo. Entre medio, sus años al frente de los Freewheelers, sus grabaciones instrumentales, su proyecto inédito Federale junto a Marc Ford, sus discos en solitario y un puñado grabaciones nunca antes editadas, entre maquetas, descartes y proyectos abandonados. Testimonio de un talento tan único como versátil.

// English //

** 41 songs career retrospective with tons of previously unreleased material (including two previously unreleased demos by The Bootheels, his group with Jakob Dylan). 

** Booklet with song by song annotations by Luther and notes by Bud Scoppa and Larry Crane. 

Luther Russell is a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Los Angeles, California. His career began with DGC and American recording artists The Freewheelers twenty-five years ago. As a solo artist he has released an eclectic series of albums that range from folk-rock to power-pop…and even funk. His latest, "The Invisible Audience", is a kaleidoscopic double-album which won raves across the board. As producer he has worked with many critically acclaimed artists such as Richmond Fontaine, Fernando, Sarabeth Tucek and Ned Roberts. Luther’s albums and production work for others have been praised by the likes of Uncut, Mojo, Word, BBC, Tape Op, L.A. Times, NME, The Quietus and more. His music has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO and Showtime. Luther’s latest project is Those Pretty Wrongs, a duo with Jody Stephens of the legendary group Big Star. Their self-titled full-length was released on Ardent/Burger to ecstatic reviews and they’ve since toured three continents. Luther also co-wrote two songs for Weezer’s recent Grammy-nominated self-titled record.

With a new studio album entitled "Medium Cool" forthcoming, Hanky Panky Records releases "Selective Memories: An Anthology", a two-disc retrospective of his career . The story begins in 1988, with two demos by The Bootheels, his youthful combo with Jakob Dylan, and moves on to the major label years with The Freewheelers in the 90's, his first solo recordings, the aborted Federale project with Marc Ford, his instrumental recordings, and his classic recent solo years. Along the way, as many as 25 previously recordings, from demos to outtakes, fill in the picture and tell the whole tale of this most unique and versatile talent.


"Luther Russell is a joy to listen to and a joy to play music with. He understands something in music that should never be explained. Luther's compass points to 1967 in much the same way mine does. An all-round good egg and righteous groover
Robyn Hitchcock
"Luther remains today as dedicated, motivated, and inspiring as he was when we started a band together at 17 years old. I was glad to be his guitar player then and should they ever take away my microphone I'd be glad to have my position back."
--Jakob Dylan (Wallflowers)
"Selective Memories: An Anthology is an epic musical landscape that takes you from painted deserts to graffiti'd urban walls. All united by melody and colorful production.
Jody Stephens (Big Star, Golden Smog, Those Pretty Wrongs)
"Luther is a legend in the making. A real musician's musician. A tremendous producer, songwriter, and a guy who can take any song and save it."
--Willy Vlautin (Richmond Fontaine, The Delines, acclaimed author of ’The Motel Life' & more)
"We all have fond memories of Down At Kit’s back in the early '00's in Portland, hanging in our smoky ill-lit garage/studio space out near felony flats trying to make music. Luther's stuff was just so funky and loose and it just felt right in that time and place…"
--Blitzen Trapper
"Luther an alchemist of sound in the highest of orders and a true believer and master practitioner of the true spirit of rock n roll. I respect no one more as a musician, songwriter and producer, a triple threat if there ever was one!
Fernando Viciconte
"Luther Russell is one of those few and rare musicians where everything seems to be so effortless. Why Luther isn't more famous, I'm not sure."
Brian Bell (Weezer, The Relationship)

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