The Palace Of Light :: Beginning Here And Travelling Outward (HPR-030)

- From Delusions of Adequacy, here.
- From Pop Junkie, here.
- Interview with Mark Brend on the Pennyblackmusic website here.

Thomas Group :: Hollywoodland 1966-1969 (HPR-028)

- From Cue Castanets! blog here.
- From the Orpheo blog here (Spanish only).

Erik Voeks :: So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away (HPR-026)

- Crítica del disco en la revista Ruta 66.
- Goldmine magazine: #1 album of the year on John Borack's Powerpop Plus! (here)

Band Of Outsiders :: Sound Beach Time (HPR-021)

- From New York Music Daily here.
- From here.
- From here.

Mabel Joy :: Wish I Was (HPR-020)

"Wish I Was" by Mabel Joy, one of the best reissues of 2013 - Ruta 66 magazine

- From here
- Ruta 66 magazine here.
- From Record Collector magazine here.

Cosecha Roja :: Un par de cosas (1991-2000) (HPR-014)

- Valladolid webmusical aquí.

Kevin Junior :: Ruins (HPR-013)

-From The Big Takeover magazine here.

Alan Tyler :: So Far (HPR-010)

- From Record Collector magazine here.

Alan Tyler & The Lost Sons Of Littlefield :: Idem (HPR-006)

- From Record Collector magazine here.

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